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Bring the heart of Europe to your table with the simple gourmet twist of Dalla Terra.

Dalla Terra Garden Antipasto Puff Pastry Bites

From our table to yours

Fritatta with roasted red peppers - direct to table dalla terra

Dalla Terra is a commitment to quality and care

Dedicated to bringing the rich heritage of old-world European recipes with simple, whole ingredients directly to your table.

Gourmet twist and serve products

Dalla Terra Ajvar Mild

Enhance your sandwiches. 

Dalla Terra Roasted Red Peppers

Add as a pizza topping. 

Dalla Terra Mediterranean Antipasto

Dip your faviourite cracker.

Bring the Italian Deli home 

Dalla Terra Hot and Mild Ajvar Vegetable Spreads are the perfect addition to any sandwich.

They also make a great vegan mayo substitute.

We've crafted what we believe to be your new favourite deli sandwich combo. 

Dalla Terra Italian Deli Sandwich

Smoky Pepper Salmon Lox Bagel

Seared Tuna & Red Pepper Orzo Salad

Ajvar Italian Deli Sandwich 

Goat Cheese Garden Bites

Signature Drunken Caesar

BBQ Ajvar Chicken Skewers & Couscous

Mediterranean Whitefish & Roasted Veggies

Roasted Red

Pepper Frittata